Monday, 27 January 2014

Thankfully DOESN'T Do Whatever a Spider Can: A Haiku

Long time no speak!!

So an announcement first:
On advice from counsel, from here on out I will be posting all my band and music-related updates to my brand-spanking-new Whispered Words website!! I have to learn Wordpress now (I JUST loosely figured out Blogger, for crying out loud), but I have been assured by certain parties that it is a life skill that should be learned. I have my doubts.

Recently at work I had one of those "defining moments" that tells you who you are deep down. Here's how it went:

I run a cell phone store for a major national company.

A client came in and asked me if he could get "web" on his phone. I pointed my wrists at his BlackBerry, touched my palms with my middle fingers, and said "thwip thwip".

He didn't get it. I held my peace and laughed uproariously (to myself, tragically, alone) after he was gone. I can't help but feel that was a defining moment somehow.

And now... a haiku.

Good thing you made those
webshooters, as shooting webs
from your butt is gross

...ahTHANK you.


P.S. That's right, that entire haiku is a weblink. You wanna fight about it?