Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Stand-offish Sort of Cooing

I just had an encounter with a pigeon, and I am pretty sure that by the end, that pigeon bore me ill will. And so...

Pigeon Religion: A Haiku

Rat of the sky, your
Sarcastic coo-mockery
Bites deep, you coo-jerk.

...AhTHANK you.



What I am listening to:

Artist: Derek Webb

Album: I Was Wrong, I'm Sorry & I Love You

Derek Webb has always been prolific, and this album is no exception. It is also the anniversary of his first solo album- She Must and Shall Go Free. His message takes new forms, but remains the same at the core- redemption is not something we can do, or sell, or buy; it comes from one man alone, and that is the person of Jesus Christ. 

I love this guy's stuff so much that I bought the DELUXE deluxe package from his website for this new album- digital download, autographed CD, t-shirt, coffee mug, stickers, audio commentary, video, I think maybe some buttons... and a few more things. It cost me 50 bucks. Totally worth it. I need him to keep making music, so he can have my money. I saw him in concert (he visited Saskatoon of all places!) and he was a humble and genuine guy with an easy laugh, but with a sharp tongue for those who would use Christ as a marketing tool. He is who he is, and that guy is someone whose music I will always follow.