Friday, 4 April 2014

Three completely unrelated things

So here are three completely unrelated things that I want to talk about (which is really the only qualifier for what goes on here) :

1. I just saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It was genuinely fantastic! I pretty much just bold-faced lied to My Beautiful Wife for the last week about how confident I was regarding what kind of film it was going to be (I sold it as a "great Bourne-style spy movie that just happens to involve Captain America and the Black Widow" ), and as chance would have it, the universe made me whatever the opposite is of a liar. I think. I may be oversimplifying.

2. I knew that someday it would come... A smaller, spunkier, sleeker model of high-velocity air hand drier. Not only does this thing take up half the space of the XLERATOR-brand hand drier that I wrote a haiku about all those months ago, it has a bold Iron Man-style triangle that turns from red to green when you put your hands under it... And it shines a blue LED light down onto your hands as you are drying!!! I cannot express how much I MUST PURCHASE STOCK IN THIS COMPANY. I HAVE INCLUDED A PICTUR- oh, sorry- I have included a picture of this marvel of modern air movement technology for your enjoyment.

Look at that. A little part of my brain just went "Sqeeeee!!" with delight.

3. I have decided that this blog needs to go back to one post a week. I miss it, and the creative outlet keeps me sane. I will henceforth be publishing new blog posts weekly, rain or shine. 

Unless I don't. 

...Don't tell me what to do!! 

Currently listening to:
audiobook: New Spring; written by Robert Jordan, and read by Michael Kramer and Kate Redding.

Also, listening to the entire NEEDTOBREATHE catalogue on random. I like listening through an entire CD to hear the story the band wanted to tell, but sometimes I like to skip ahead. Sue me.
Here is the song of theirs that I am currently a little obsessed with! Give it a listen if you like, y'now, GOOD things. If you don't like good things, well... I dunno. Just dig out your old Nickelback albums, I guess.

Until next time,